Architectural and Interior Design

Program Overview:

The Architecture and Interior Design program focuses on assisting students in two ways. First, to assist the student in transferring a to university Architecture or Interior Design program. Secondly, to prepare students for direct employment in an architecture or an interior design office.
Architectural art is a true picture of man's ability for creation and innovation. This art highlights our world with his unique details, as it works to define its multiple and creative features. The architect is an artist in himself who identifies, imagines and draws various images in his imagination and artistic feelings, which motivates him to form and depict the interior building, so he/she plans and defines the details of the building by regulating the external form, to show it in the most beautiful artistic, sensory and creative image. This branch provides its students with theoretical and scientific knowledge that contributes to understanding, comprehension and analysis, as well as providing them with opportunities to find appropriate solutions to planning and design problems that they may encounter in the educational process.
Education path period is 2,5 years